Can PCOS be a reason for infertility

Can PCOS be a reason for infertility

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine
and hormonal disorder that is incurable but treatable and manageable by a
competent Fertility Centre.
Polycystic ovary syndrome can start as early as at the onset of puberty and is
one of the biggest factors of infertility in women requiring Female Fertility Treatment.

PCOS can manifest itself from puberty itself depending on
genetic factors. If one or more close blood relative is suffering from PCOS then it is necessary
to get the teenagers assessed for PCOS as early as possible because early diagnosis can help
stimulate fertility, normalise menstrual cycles, and protect against PCOS-related risks such
as diabetes, ovarian cancer symptoms, heart disease and endometrial cancer.

criteria for PCOS diagnosis:
Irregular periods and no ovulation
is a symptom caused due to a hormonal imbalance. Consequently, some women with PCOS will have irregular
periods like multiple times in a month, once every few months, or not at all.
Periods, often times, can be heavy and painful. Basically,
if a woman has 8 or fewer menstrual cycles per year, then she could be a case
for PCOS.

The main cause of infertility is the lack of ovulation or release of an
egg from the ovary. For women with PCOS and who are overweight, a controlled
diet coupled with exercise can restore ovulation without medications. Medication
may be required in other cases.

Other symptoms and manifestations of PCOS:

  • Darkening
    of the skin in the folds of neck, upper/inner thighs, under breasts, between
  • Endometrial
    hyperplasia -- is a symptom, resulting from the lack of ovulation,
  • High
    blood pressure
  • High
    cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Pre-pubertal
    early extra hair growth
  • Severe
  • Scalp
    hair loss
  • Unexplained
    weight gain - can entail in irregular periods
  • Increased
    risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Infertility
    or lack of ovulation

Signs to look out for:

  • Unnatural hair growth under chin, and
    upper lip
  • Stubborn Acne
  • Body weight
  • Irregularities in the ovaries-by
    ultra sound or physical check

Treatment for PCOS

For Women with PCOS, wanting to conceive and desiring to be mothers have to resort to medical interventions by Fertility Centre in order to get pregnant and to avoid complications associated with the disease. Generally treatment involves diet, exercise and medication. In cases where medication is ineffective the fertility centres have other services like

  • Egg
  • Embryo
  • In
    Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
  • Quality of life

Quality of life

Impaired quality of life from body image causes negative
effects such as fatigue, disturbed sleep, and poor eating habits. And there is
growing evidence that mood swings, mostly acute depression are common in PCOS

Additionally, most PCOS women feel emotionally and
psychologically low, unfeminine, and embarrassed due to unwanted hair growth.
Empathising how a woman feels about her body image and help to improve the
perception is an essential component for any management treatment plan.

There is no single test to diagnose PCOS, despite being such a common disorder, Doctors have to co-relate symptoms, blood tests, a physical exam, and sometimes a pelvic ultrasound to determine PCOS diagnosis. Juhi Fertility Centre has all the expertise in diagnosing PCOS, treatment and advice for infertility. Visit us today!

8 common health issues which cause infertility in women - Juhi Fertility

8 common health issues which cause infertility in women

the exclusive privilege of women and the most joyful in the world. 

there are exceptions. Exceptions prove the rule. Today the world is moving at
such an accelerated pace that people have no time for relaxation, exercise, or
even to assess the food they eat. This leads to many health problems. A lot of
problems are hormonal. Hormones are secretions from a set of organs known as
the endocrine glands. Common hormonal ailments are Thyroidism, Diabetes and male
/female Infertility.

is the inability to conceive a baby. 
Here are some common causes
of infertility

  • Polycystic
    ovarian syndrome (PCOS)-PCOS
    caused by hormone imbalance in the reproductive system. This causes disruption
    in menstrual and ovulation cycles. This is the most common reason of
  • Endometriosis-is
    a painful disorder commonly involving ovaries, fallopian tubes pelvis and
    uterus. The tissue –Endometrium-which should line the inside of the uterus
    starts growing outside instead.
  • Weight:
    Obesity is the single cause for most ailments in people including infertility
  • Sexually
    transmitted infections (STIs): Infections cause infertility in both men and
  • Lack of ovulation: Ovulation is the condition where the female
    reproductive system produces eggs or ovules for fertilization. Lack of
    production is a cause of
    infertility. One of the new fertility treatments involve ‘egg freezing”
  • Cysts or tumours: These growths hamper the normal cycle of
  • Stress: It is the mother of all problems. Especially the social
    stigma of infertility and family pressure for producing a baby
  • Irregular menstrual cycle- any irregularity in the menstrual cycle
    can cause disorders in reproductive cycle and lead to infertility
  • Damage or injury to the tubes and uterus
  • Ageing: A woman's age is a major influence on reproductive
    cycle and fertility. The body clock slows down as a woman ages
  • Congenital defect: Any defects caused during birth especially in
    the reproductive system can be damaging or obstruct conception

of the causes of
infertility are treatable with long or short term medication. In the
more serious and difficult cases Invitro Fertilisation (IVF) fertilisation is the best option.
This treatment is performed all over the world and has a high success rate. It
is a boon to families all over the world.

In many societies, especially in India, Infertility is commonly seen as a stigma and leads to other serious social and health problems, including divorces and re-marriages. It is not always that only women have reproduction issues. Even today male infertility is unacceptable. Juhi Fertility Centre, is highly qualified and experienced fertility centre in Hyderabad and provide couples with their greatest joy with services like Female Fertility Treatment, Egg Freezing, Embryo Freezing, IVF fertilization etc.

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