Before your infertility testing, we do a thorough diagnosis and work to understand your sexual habits and may make recommendations to improve your chances of getting pregnant. In some infertile couples, no specific cause is found (unexplained infertility).

However, there are treatments to diagnose your condition which you will know in the following segments.

Male Infertility

When it comes to the man’s fertility, it relies in the general sense on the quantity and quality of the man’s sperm. Get diagnosed at Juhi Fertility Centre.

Female Infertility

The most common cause of Female Infertility is problems with the woman’s ovulation, damage to her fallopian tubes or uterus or problems.

Hormonal Evaluation

The doctor at JFC customises the dosage and strength to suit each patient’s needs. If you are suffering from Hormonal Imbalance, we evaluate and create a customised Hormone Therapy treatment.

Ovarian Reserve Fertility Tests

Ovarian Reserve helps to determine the capacity of a woman’s ovary to provide egg cells that are capable of fertilization, culminating in a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Uterine Evaluation

Taking into account various conditions in the woman’s uterus and ovaries that contributes to female infertility, doctors at Juhi Fertility Centre recommend the appropriate treatment for women patients having trouble conceiving.


Treatment for a woman’s PCOS problem depends on symptoms and whether they are planning a pregnancy. Proper weight control and drastic lifestyle changes are also important parts for treating PCOS.